Thoughtful, Inexpensive 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Looking for thoughtful, inexpensive 50th wedding anniversary gifts? Youd think after 50 years, finding the perfect gift wouldnt be such a struggle, yet, year after year, finding that ideal gift that truly expresses your feeling is every bit as hard as it ever was! Celebrating 50 years together is a momentous occasion, but the real gift is the time and love that youve shared through the years. Here are few gift ideas that are certain to please just about anyone:

A One of a Kind Experience

Cards, gift certificates, and food may get used up, but experiences last forever. The gift of an experience especially a one of a kind opportunity like a scenic flight, hot air balloon ride, or any one of a variety of classes is a gift that will stay in the heart and mind of your loved one for many years to come. This gift may be the realization of dreams long dormant, or a chance to step out and try something completely new.

Star Power

It seems like everyones heard of this gift, but few people have actually seen one. The International Star Registry allows you to name a steadfast stellar object after your loved one, or the family you have raised together. With the gift of a star from the ISR, the name you choose will be forever associated with a unique star. Youll receive a commemorative certificate indentifying the star, including concrete coordinates in the sky so that you, your kids, or your great, great, great, great grandkids can locate your star easily with a telescope for thousands of years to come!


While dinner is always a fine gift for an anniversary, and allows the celebrants to recognize the occasion while sharing an experience, for many couples, dinner is a given when it comes to anniversaries. The expectation is that you will share a special meal AND buy presents. What if the present was to ensure some special time together every single month for the coming year? With a Dinner of the Month, club, you can share that special meal, and commemorate your relationship once a month for the whole year. What a wonderful way to extend the joy of your 50th for the while year!


No, were not discussing a vacation home, here! This article is about inexpensive options. Does your spouse have a love for travel and adventure? Perhaps they are a veteran, and risked all to protect our countrys freedoms. Maybe they have a love of politics or history? Regardless, this gift of land maybe just the thing! The Own a Piece of America, program allows you to legally own 1 square inch of land in each of the 50 states! Not enough for a second home, but this gift recognizes the connection of your loved one and the United States in a very touching way.