Disney World Vacation Homes – A Guide to Choosing the Best Location

If you ask any Hospitality professional what the three most important factors are for business they will always tell you the same 3 things, Location, Location, Location! When it comes to choosing a Vacation Rental Home in Orlando the same can be said for the priorities of Disney Vacation seekers. Everybody looking to rent a Vacation Home in Orlando will certainly list location as one of their top 3 priorities.

Let’s be honest, no family wants to be staying an hour way from the parks, since they will have to make that drive 2 or 4 times each day. Those who choose to spend the entire day at the parks to only make the return journey once each day will either cut their day short or become worn out before their vacation is over.

Those who choose to stay as close as possible to the resorts will certainly benefit from their smart decision. Staying as close as possible without actually staying in a Disney resort will allow you to return to your Vacation Property during late afternoon/early evening, have a quick dinner and return to the park refueled and ready for more fun and an exciting firework display or parade.

So how can you filter your Vacation Rental inquiries to those resorts that are a manageable distance from the parks? It is not easy at all since many property owners will not be entirely honest about the distance their homes are from the resorts. For example, “Just 10 miles from the parks!” may sound enticing, until you understand the truth and what that could equate to.

The majority of owners will quote distances and journey times to the entrance of World Drive. What they fail to mention is the drive to the end of World Drive and the Magic Kingdom car park is an additional 5 miles. Now factor in the traffic during the busy morning Disney traffic along the 192 highway and your 15 mile journey is now close to a 40 minute drive.

The closest resorts to the start of World Drive are within 3 Miles and there are around 10 resorts within this distance. I would advise doing your research and find a place within a few miles of the entrance to World Drive. Any complex within this distance will not only offer a short drive into the parks, but will also provide the convenience of many restaurants, bars and stores within a very short distance. Your drive to Animal Kingdom can be as little as just 2 miles and all other parks will be within around 8 miles and less than a 15 minute drive on the busiest of days.

Travelers to Orlando are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of renting a Vacation Home instead of the more expensive option of staying in a Disney Resort. Vacation Homes provide families with much more space for a lot less money, as well as all the conveniences that come with staying in a home away from home. However, these benefits can quickly be negated if you choose to stay in a resort further from Disney World just to save a bit of cash. Remember you are there for the children, so save everyone from the frustrating traffic and stay in a Rental Home as close as possible to the parks, you will not regret it!

Why You Should Say Yes to Vacation Homes

Let’s face it-when we think of vacation homes, we think of extremely expensive, lavish, kind of gigantic type houses that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford. After all, it’s a whole home away from home-right?

But the fact of the matter is that it can actually be more benefiting and quite a bit cheaper if you simply rent a vacation home as opposed to renting a hotel room. And let’s face it-the regular old hotel room rules don’t always apply. After all, who wants to stay cooped up in a hotel room while you’re waiting to go out? Or wake up super early while on vacation so that you can go get a breakfast that has probably seen the same table the last three days and even more hands.

Vacation homes give you a lot more freedom than other means of housing. After all, while on vacation, you’ve probably said to yourself at least one time before -I really wish that I had my– when you were housed in a hotel. Now, if you rent a house for vacation, you may find that you have everything that you need right there. You don’t have to go out to eat if you don’t want to, you don’t have to wake up at six am for stale bagels and butter in a tiny little plastic container that’s melted by the time you get to it. You can also make as much noise as you want. Maybe your kids want to jam out playing Guitar Hero in the living room-that’s not possible in a hotel, unless you want to get the evil glares of death from every surrounding room. However, you can play whatever you want in vacation homes!

But the question is-once you’re pretty sure that you know you SHOULD rent a vacation home-how do you actually go about that? What steps should you take?

First, look into hiring someone from a travel agency or at least inquiring about any vacation homes that they may have available during the season that you are considering going on vacation. Also, keep your mind open about when you should go on vacation. Sure summer is the -normal- time to go off on vacation, but do you REALLY have to go on vacation during the summer? There are plenty of other times that you can go during the winter, spring, or even fall-just think about it!

Next, look online for deals. You never know what you might find on ad-sites and things like that offering vacation homes for rent. The main thing that you need to do however, is talk to the owners for a while about the vacation home, keep detailed notes of everything they say, and make sure there aren’t any inconsistencies. If you can do a little bit of research on them, that wouldn’t hurt any either.

Next, start budgeting. Get an idea of how much money you want to and can spend, and also check into how much you can save. You may not realize how much you can save in such a little period of time!

Last, have fun on your vacation!

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