Buenos Aires Vacations Rentals

Buenos Aires travel is certain for all frequent travelers! This city is sure to become one of the leading tourist cities, with its vibrant nightlife, warm and welcoming climate, engrossing and engaging culture, gourmet food, trendy fashion and entertainment, and Buenos Aires Argentina vacation rentals from reliable organizations like ours is an absolute must!

We offer superb well-appointed Buenos Aires apartments in Argentina, to rent temporarily, on a short or long-term basis. Often on vacation or on a business trip, travelers like to rent apartments for a relaxed homelike atmosphere, instead of staying in expensive hotels.

We have a wide range of Buenos Aires apartment accommodation readily available with us in a vast variety of exclusive locales. Our highly secure, tastefully furnished, luxurious and comfortable Buenos Aires apartments come equipped with the latest amenities. Whats more, our Buenos Aires apartment rentals are very cost effective, safe and well suited for each budget.

Buenos Aires hotels, which are more often than not, situated in busy high traffic areas of the city, offer expensive and far less comfortable stay to the peace and quiet loving guest. Buenos Aires Apartment rentals are a better alternative to hotels, as they are available in serene environs, safe and exclusive localities of the city. Yet, at the same time, they are well placed to provide easy access to all the main business centers and tourist sites of Buenos Aires.

With the availability of prompt and efficient housekeeping and laundry services, gas, telephone, high-speed internet, Buenos Aires vacation rentals are the perfect getaway for a day, a week, or even months. Our luxurious Buenos Aires apartment accommodation also comes with complete modern kitchen equipment, cable TV, impressive Audio equipment, exquisite linen, swimming pool access, exclusively for you and your family.

You may opt for Buenos Aires vacation rentals with lovely terraces overlooking beautiful parks or picturesque and colorful streets, to help you unwind and relax, as it should be, on a complete holiday. Being close to historical monuments as well, our Buenos Aires apartment accommodations are just a walk away from the markets where one can shop for local trivia, souvenirs or simply for everyday necessities.

Even if you are an executive on an important business trip, our Buenos Aires apartments are comfortable and professional for your business meetings and conferences. With a professional ambience, our apartments and services offer you the vital official equipment, to meet your business needs.

Our Buenos Aires Vacation Rentals come with full commitment to the guest, reliability, and a deep responsibility, in order to get the best out of your Buenos Aires travel experience.
Browse through the wide variety of Buenos Aires apartment rentals and book the one, which suits your lifestyle, holiday span, and, budget and experience the unforgettable Argentinean vacation of your dreams!

Koh Samui Villas And Vacation Rentals Aqualina, 3-bedroom Luxury Bophut Villa, Koh Samui, Thailand

Aqualina lies on a shallow hillside on the northern coast of Koh Samui surrounded by coconut palms with sea views towards neighboring Koh Phan Ngan Island. The villa is built with a highly modern contemporary design that offers angular architectural features which blend seamlessly into the hillside environment with unique lawn-covered rooftops which also serve to recycle and store water giving the villa an environmentally-friendly edge.
The villa is built in an L-shaped configuration and wraps around a spacious, slate-tiled infinity swimming pool with tropical views over the surrounding coconut groves and hill-sides towards the sea and Koh Phan Ngan.
From the white stone pool deck there is access to the property’s main living and dining area to the left and direct access to two of the villa’s three bedrooms on the other side. The living area is an open plan living, dining and kitchen concept back dropped by glass doors which open to the indoor pond and private, tropical garden. This area features a top of the range satellite TV entertainment system which sits in front of ample soft seating for up to 6 guests. To the rear of the living area is a fully-equipped, modern kitchen featuring a grey-slate island. The center of the room offers a modern dining table catering for up to six guests. The villa interior’s brilliant white floors and walls contrast with the villa’s earthen tones and sandstone features allowing a spacious, cooling yet completely unique living environment.
A designer staircase leads from the living area to the upstairs master bedroom, located on a split-level above the living area, and private office area with inspiring views towards the front of the property. All three of Aqualina’s bedrooms are fitted luxuriously throughout each offering private en suite facilities which include modern rain shower fittings, double sinks and terrazzo bathtubs with the bedrooms each offering private plasma TVs and DVD players.
Aqualina is located between Maenam and Bophut on Koh Samui’s busy northeasternern coastline only a few minutes’ drive to the main island ring road, popular Fisherman’s Village and Maenam Beach.
A wonderful choice of 3-bedroom villa for families or groups of friends seeking to rent an ultra-modern sea view property in a convenient location on beautiful, tropical Koh Samui Island.

The Top 7 Reasons Celebrities Are Flocking To Private Vacation Homes

From Brad and Angelina, to Madonna, President Barack Obama, movie, music and TV stars are spending their vacation time away from the crowds and the cameras, and hiding away in luxurious, private vacation homes. Heres the top 7 reasons why!
1. Privacy
A vacation isnt much of a vacation when youre surrounded by adoring fans screaming for your autograph, or ducking paparazzi around every corner. Which is why you dont see major movie and TV stars spending their vacation time at hotels. Instead, famous faces know that in order to really get away from it all, the key is to check in to a private vacation home. Unlike hotels that cater to the public, a vacation home offers guests a real escape from the outside world, with a level of total privacy a hotel just cant match. So they can bare all by the pool without worrying about winding up on the cover of a tabloid next week.
2. Space For Their Stuff
The rich and famous dont typically travel light. They may be heading out of town to get away from it all, but at the same time, they need to make sure theyre ready for anything from lunch with the big-name director who happens to be in town to a formal dinner party on a yacht. Thats why the stars tend to bring MORE than what they need, just in case. Which is why theyre bypassing the big hotels and settling in to roomy vacation homes – where they have plenty of space for the tuxedo, the ball gown AND the scuba gear.
3. Room For An Entourge
Just as they dont travel light, celebs also dont travel alone. Theres the personal assistant, the personal trainer, the hair and makeup guy (or gal), plus family, friends, acquaintances and hangers onin other words, more people than you can possibly fit in even the largest hotel suite. And thats why the stars are bringing the whole entourage to roomy vacation homes where everyone can spread out and enjoy their time together.
4. Exclusivity
Celebrities like to stay on the cutting edge of trends they dont follow the herd and do what everybody else is doing. Why should they, when they can afford to set the trends and set themselves apart from the crowd? So instead of following the masses to whatever resort is popular each season, the stars prefer to create a vacation that is uniquely, exclusively theirs by escaping to a luxury vacation home. After all, what could be more exclusive than your own, private paradise, reserved only for you and the people you want around you?
5. Peace and Quiet
Lets face it people are noisy. And people who have a lot of money to spend on fancy hotel rooms are no exception. Their kids fight and splash in the pool. They have parties at all hours of the night. They argue, they laugh, they basically live their lives. Which is fine for them. But if youre on vacation trying to get away from it all, its not necessarily fine for you. No wonder so many celebrities are skipping noisy hotels altogether and opting to stay in peaceful, private vacation homes. That way, if a wild party keeps them up all night, at least it will be their wild party!
6. Freedom
A vacation is the time to do what you want to do when you want to do it and no one knows that better than celebrities, who are used to getting their own way. But even the most luxurious hotel has limits. Hankering for a late-night swim after the pool has closed? No can do. Feel like spending the day in your bathrobe without getting dressed? Youll not want to leave the privacy of your room if you stay in a hotel but a vacation home gives you the freedom to spend your vacation the way you like. And if that means eating a grilled cheese sandwich in the pool at 2:30am, go for it!
7. Luxury
In travel, as in their day-to-day lives, celebrities demand the best. And theyre finding the best in luxurious, comfortable vacation homes. Dining rooms where they can entertain friends. Spacious living rooms where they can spread out and enjoy all the comforts of home. Their own, private swimming pools and Jacuzzis. With so many options, theres no longer any reason to settle for less than the best. Which probably explains why, when it comes to travel, vacation homes are topping the list of celebrity trends.
So now you see why the rich and famous are making vacation home rentals such a fast-growing travel trend. And the best part is, these advantages arent just for celebrities.
To learn more about how YOU can vacation like a star in your own private, luxurious vacation home, go to www.FloridaLeisure.com. And get ready for what promises to be the vacation of a lifetime.
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Ever fancied a picture-perfect holiday plus fantastic Vacation rentals? Well, who doesnt; but ending up in a not-so-good holiday is what most travellers have. You might be going through a multitude of travel agent websites but finding the best deal with the best benefits in terms of vacation rentals is next to impossible. So, why not leave it to us? We are not just aVacation rentals company; we are united to give you a flawless experience of your holiday which youll be able to cherish through out your life. Be it the services that you are looking for or the price range, finding the right one is no more a dream. Thus our deals and offers are arranged in a way to fit all kinds of budget.

An array of popular tourist destinations is covered here which is why tourists and travel enthusiasts from all over the world can keep our vacation rentals directory handy. Every tourist looks out for a comfortable stay, good amenities and of course the value for money. Over here, you can expect to have all of it covered. Moreover, we also pay attention to the needs specifically mentioned and demanded by the customers. Services like breakfast, laundry service, Wi-Fi connection, satellite TV, 247 service, exercise room, swimming pool, fully-equipped bathroom, AC rooms are just few of the facilities that our customers seek along side reasonable vacation rentals; you can add more to the listwe are waiting to fulfil!

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Over here, you can find flexible payment plans which can be completely done online. Holiday rental managers and property owners can start listing their vacation rentals against a very nominal amount. New customers are waiting to pour in and rent accommodations all the time. Attractive deals and quotes on vacation rentals will be provided instantly to both our customers and enlisters. Browse our vacation rentals directory according to your category and get exposed to an incredible collection of vacation rentals distributed in more than fifty tourist destinations. The board of specialist suppliers of our company provides travellers with the required knowledge and idea of the chosen tourist spot. Thus if you are ever confused, just drop a message and our agents will get back to you in no time. Dont forget to avail our last minute vacation rentals discount! Happy holidaying!”

Top Six Tips For Making Your Vacation Home Profitable

The vacation rental market is growing. More people are traveling nationally and internationally with each passing year. Hotels have this monotonous sort-of uninteresting feeling about them. Vacation rentals on the other hand have a personal touch to them and offer visitors more freedom than a hotel does. And, they are often cheaper. This could be a great business to get in. A recent report suggested that renting out vacation homes can be almost 90% more profitable than a regular home rental. However, it’s always about risk-reward, right? There are things you need to know to run your vacation home business right to avoid getting burned. The responses to the six questions listed below will provide some answers for those new to vacation home renting.

1.Rule Number 1 – Get the right insurance

Homeowner’s insurance for your vacation rental property is essential. There is no questioning that. But just like vehicle insurance or renter’s insurance, there really are quite a few options out there. Choosing the right one can save you a lot of headache in the long run. And money too. The balance between premium and benefit in insurance is always a hard one to find. Determining your insurance needs is best done by consulting a number of insurance agencies, but make sure to prepare a checklist of questions beforehand. Insuring a vacation home is much more involved than a regular home. You have a new vacationer every week. You must be prepared to handle lawsuits from irate vacationers. You really can’t make everyone happy however hard you try. Strong liability coverage will help you sleep well. Don’t just sign the insurance paper as if it’s a necessary evil. Understand what you are getting into. If disaster strikes, you should know what you can get away with and what you can’t.

2.Marketing: Do this right. You don’t really have a choice.

Any business, but especially a vacation home rental must advertise to be successful and remain competitive. Online advertising has proven to be a key way of reaching prospective renters. In other businesses, people still use yellow books and word of mouth heavily. In vacation homes, most people are not from the same area so they don’t usually have the yellow pages and also may not know anyone from that area to get a recommendation. So where do they go? Google, Yahoo, MSN or AOL. That’s who they search to find a nice vacation rental. That can be a good or a bad thing. To turn that into a favorable thing, market online. Consult with a good search engine marketing company. Get a website for your vacation rental if possible. Get your home listed on multiple sites. Use other techniques like radio/print/TV ads as well, but to a lesser extent perhaps. If done right, internet advertising can get you ten times better results than other techniques for a fraction of the price. You really need a good online marketing company though. There are too many out there that don’t know what they are doing. It will help if you know some basics about advertising on search engines or have a friend or family member who does that can negotiate with your online marketing company.

3.Rental Restrictions: Be smart about this and avoid headaches.

You can stipulate certain requirements that renters must meet to rent your property. However, be careful not to make these discriminatory restrictions based on race or other such factors. That can get you into a lawsuit faster than anything else and you are almost assured of a loss. You can however set age limits, animal/pet, or smoking restrictions, depending on the jurisdiction that your rental is at. However, to avoid running a foul of the law, check regulations governing certain types of rentals. You can also change these restrictions periodically. Research the norm in your area. Often times, copying what other renters do in the area can be a good start.

4.Security deposit: Handle them carefully.

For vacation rentals, it is often a good idea to get a portion of the pay upfront as a deposit. Non-refundable or non-refundable is a question that you are going to have to answer. I personally like to keep smaller non-refundable deposits that I can deduct from the total pay. Often people pay checks that bounce. With a visitor every week you don’t really have the time to go after people if there are problems. To avoid making a loss, always cask the security deposit check. That’s a good way to know whether your renter is likely to pay the full amount.

5.Be clear and upfront about refundable security deposits

Many people also keep a refundable security deposit. If you do, remember that are only allowed to keep back the cost of the damaged item plus any fees associated with replacing the item. You can’t just withhold the whole security deposit if damages don’t equal the deposit. Be clear and upfront about this and keep all bills and receipts to prove why a specific amount was withheld.

6.Keep it clean

If done right, you can actually make a profit from this. Offer multiple options to your renters. No cleaning, full cleaning, partial cleaning. Also let them pick the frequency. Then based on that, charge them a markup over what you pay to your cleaners. There you go, now you have a cleaning service that you offer for your vacation rental and make money from it.