The Secrets of Puerto Morelos Vacation Rentals in Mexico

Puerto Morelos isn’t exactly a secret destination, but it’s certainly not as traveled as a few of its neighbors. And if you are looking for amazing vacation rentals in Mexico then this place may be the one you want. Everyone knows that Cancun is a hotspot for revelers and beach lovers, especially during spring break, but if that’s not the thing you’re after, there is a perfectly amazing alternative. Upon arriving in Puerto Morelos and realizing that it’s lovely, relaxing and not nearly as crowded as other Mexican resort towns, you’ll be puzzled as to why it isn’t more traveled and well known.The answer has to do with the fact that everyone who comes here has such a wonderful time that they end up jealously guarding their discovery. Unless you’re specifically seeking the chance to be a hedonist alongside a bunch of stir-crazy youngsters, then Puerto Morelos makes more sense as the focus of your hard-earned vacation. Thus, once weary travelers set foot in this peaceful and picturesque town known for its barrier reef and authentic atmosphere, you won’t want to ruin it all by spreading the word too zealously.

Having uncovered the secret, however, praise your luck and live it up in Puerto Morelos. This was originally a fishing village whose status as a National Marine Park keeps it from being overly-developed, and the best way to stay in the spirit of the town is to rent a vacation home on the beach, put your feet up, and live like this is where you belong. The condos and homes here for rent are some of the best vacation rentals in Mexico. Blending in instead of being treated like some kind of “tourist” is a fulfilling experience, and once you choose a vacation home you’ll want to stay forever. If you’ve never taken this route before, you’re in for a treat. Vacation rentals can range from small, intimate casitas to spacious and luxurious villas. On the beach they provide easy access to a day of fun and sun, and for the down time that you’re counting on to revive you, there’s a comfortable bed, a patio, and maybe even a hammock with your name on them. A kitchen complete with appliances, dishes and spices means that whipping up a meal will be as easy as pie, so getting dressed and heading to a restaurant doesn’t have to be an every day thing. Keep it relaxed, stick to your own schedule, and go for days without wearing any shoes if that’s what you feel like doing.

Each of the dozens of Puerto Morelos vacation rentals is uniquely decorated and situated in a spot convenient to one diversion or another. Some are closer to the Cancun airport, some are near the reef and some are walking distance from the town. Certain travelers enjoy feeling like they’re off the beaten path; for these there are privacy-oriented beach houses tucked away from the main thoroughfares. Others would rather feel a sense of seclusion yet remain connected to the action, and there are properties that meet this requirement as well. Jacuzzi tubs, open-air patios, air-conditioning, and even a housekeeper accompany many vacation rentals. You’ll feel more independent and free than if you were booked in a hotel, but not so much so that you’re overwhelmed. Staying in a real home for a little while doesn’t have to come with the responsibilities of keeping it spotless or weeding the garden. Let yourself relax for a few days, because the pressure is off. Puerto Morelos is near enough to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the ancient ruins of Tulum to make day trips a cinch, but don’t be surprised if you end up staying close to this small gathering of shops and eateries, beaches and bungalows. That’s why you came here, remember? Escaping the crowds and getting cozy with your companion sounds like the perfect way to spend a few days, and when you return you’ll probably find yourself revealing as little about the trip as possible. It’s not that you don’t want your friends to have a great vacation for themselves, but let them find their own secret spot.About the author: Heather Worthington is an expert on vacation rentals in Mexico and she regularly writes articles and gives advice online. She works for and can be contacted at .