Playing Around Aquatica Orlando Attractions And Rides

Get ready to put on your swimming apparel and revel inside Aquatica by SeaWorld! This is a vast water park in Orlando that features an adventurous ride at slides, a caress of gentle water and waves, swimming experience with underwater creatures, dining options, and many things to enjoy and to look forward! There is so much fun delving in its playful park!

The Aquatica Attractions

Prepare yourselves to get wet and swim at the parks two pools: Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores. For the wave lovers, play with the rolling giant waves that will bring out the surfer in you at Cutback Cove. If you want a gentler and calmer pool, you can go to Big Surf Shores and have fun with the slow ripples of the waves.

Would you like a mind stirring wonderful ride which would make you go crazy? At Tassies Twisters, ride on swift tubes that will lead you to spin around a giant bowl, until you get down on the lazy river.

At Loggerhead Lane, the raft ride is unparalleled and relaxing! The tranquil lazy river enables you to encounter school of exotic fishes and dolphins, and take a gaze at waterfalls. This is surely a safer way to explore the realm of underwater.

Dolphin Plunge is one of the most sought after Aquatica Orlando attractions. This is the ride where dolphins are very close to you. From the top of the side-by-side tube, be ready to fall freely and speedily. You will eventually be taken by tubes at the underwater habitat of black and white Commersons Dolphins.

The newly built Omaka Rocka will let you experience being played by lively tubes. It features a high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels that will make your body slide in irregular curves.

Gear up and ride at Taumata Racer, a very fast mat slide that will exhilarate eight riders in a very tall platform. This is a very steep ride, and it takes the brave man in you to make a try!

Kids and kids at heart, embrace the amusement brought by Katas Kookaburra Cove. This is designed for tots, and it features kiddy slides, water spouts, and an insane cabana! Yet nothing is more wonderful than the sight of combined laughter and giggles from kids.

Another kiddy attraction is the Walkabout Water. This is an irresistible play area with waters splashing all over the fortress that your kid would surely ask you from.

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