Fake Doctors Notes – A New Trick

Do you need to get out of your gym membership without having to pay a penalty? What if you are on holiday and wish to extend your vacation but have no good excuse (like the cancellation of all flights due to hurricanes and storms)? What you need in these situations are fake doctors notes.

Fake doctors notes are actually medical excuses that you can use in most situations. For example, we all know how difficult it can be to get out of a gym membership. Often the only excuse gyms will settle for is a medical note explaining why it is inadvisable for you to continue a workout regime.

Then there are those who long to extend their vacations but cannot due to the fact that they just dont have a good reason to do so. However, with a fake doctors note, not only will you have a good excuse, the cost of rescheduling your flights and issuing of new tickets will be borne by the insurance company.

A close friend whom you have not seen in a long time may be in town for a day and you know your boss isnt going to sign off on your leave application. So what do you do? Rather than whine about it, you could settle for producing a fake doctors note. In this manner, you can spend all day with your best bud and also ensure that you receive your wage for that day along with full benefits.

So where can you find fake doctors notes? Why, the Internet, of course. With realistic-looking notes that include details such as the name of the physician and clinic, its address and contact details, as well as the time and date of your visit, fake doctors notes also contain similar details to one you could obtain at a medical establishment. The only difference here is that there is no long wait to see the doctor, and neither is there a cost for consultation and treatment. If all you need is a note to get out of something, then fake doctors notes may be your best option.

In fact, the ever-increasing popularity of such notes is evident in the number of sites offering them. However, you would do well to ensure that the doctors notes that you are purchasing look and sound as much like the real thing.

You would be surprised to learn that Human Resource Managers are adept at looking out for red flags when dealing with staff absences. So, while you are looking for a quick means of obtaining fake doctors notes, do pay attention to detail as this would mean that your employers will be hard-pressed to disprove the validity of your note.

And if all works out, and you are indeed able to procure fake doctors notes to skip out on work, do make sure that you remember the medical condition stated on the note. After all, it would not do for you to claim influenza and show up at work with a limp!