Crantock Beach – The Jewel in Cornwall’s Crown

What’s the single nicest thing about Cornwall self catering? At the end of he day it’s probably quite simple. It’s being near to the sea. And Crantock beach is a genuine gem in the county’s crown.

There is something about a beach that does a person’s soul good. Philosophers have pondered the reason why the sea holds such a powerful attraction for millennia. Some scientists believe it’s because we migrated away from Africa in a time of famine and sea food was our main food source for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. So the sea could be hard-wired into our hereditary make up as a a valuable thing to have nearby. Whatever the reason, shorelines make us feel good. Whether a keen autumn wind is blowing sand against your chilly cheek or you’re lying supine, stunned by the sunshine, being close to the sea gives us a modest but specific ‘high’.

Crantock beach is one of Cornwall’s very best, a treat of a beach with plenty to do for youngsters and grown ups alike. Just one justification why holidaymakers flock to rent the area’s numerous terrific holiday villas. In Cornwall the sea is a natural part of daily life. But to the majority of people it’s a real indulgence. Artists visit to capture the fantastically clean, clear light, enormous skies and forever-changing seascapes at Crantock. Nature lovers stroll the sands picking up tiny shells and marvelling at the captivating plant life and animals. Birdwatchers get pleasure from the often uncommon bird life. Companions sit shoulder to shoulder viewing the night gently fall, clinking cool glasses of superior wine. Tanning devotees dream their days away in sunbathing heaven. And, as expected, there’s great bodyboarding.

Kids fall head over heels with Crantock beach too. They all love the sand, from tots to teens. Sandcastles are us, whatever your age! There are several superb creepy caves to scramble about in, complete with exciting echoes. Little kids can play in the water safely enough, just keep a watchful eye on them. The dark, pointy rocks dotted along the landward side of the beach are brilliant fun for clambering and climbing on. There’s rock pools to find strange, weird and wonderful sea life in, from shrimps to crabs, winkles, seaweed, hermit crabs and starfish. The surrounding sand dunes are great fun too, for hide and seek, digging dens and general kid-style grubbing around. And if you have a sulky adolescent in tow, at least they’ll probably take pleasure in watching the bodyboarders being amazingly uber-cool! Beach-side holiday cottages in Cornwall are amongst the most in-demand and Crantock is among the region’s best treasured beaches.

If you’re keen on hitting the far south west and holidaying in Cornwall, self-catering is an extremely popular option. But the recent rush on British staycations means self catering cottages, flats and Cornwall self catering in general, and Crantock in particular, means it is best to book earlier than ever in 2011 in order to avoid disappointment.