Things To Do At Afandou Village During Rhodes Holidays

The Island of Rhodes is full of places that are attractive and fun filled and a number of tourists visit this place yearly. The basic reason for this increase in tourism is the way this island is developed. Afandou Village is located in the eastern-coast of Rhodes Island and is one of the best spots to spend your Rhodes Holidays.

Afandou Village:

Afandou Village is an amazing place to visit during your stay in Rhodes. This place was originated during the times when Mediterranean islands were infested by pirates. People used to hide there as this place was invisible from the sea. The word Afandou is derived from Afandos which means Invisible in Greek language.

Afandou Village is one of the oldest and largest villages on Rhodes Island and it lies five kilometres away from Faliraki. Like any other place in Rhodes, this village is also all natural beauty but at the same time you can find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. You can find different Rhodes holidays ideas that will make your vacation memorable in this beautiful village.

When visiting Afandou Village for Rhodes Holidays you will find the place full of olive trees and different fruits trees. The speciality of the village is its carpets that you can shop for. There are stores and shops of every kind. At the special tourists shops in the village, you can find great stuff and gifts to take home.

A traditional village of Rhodes:

The village of Afandou is one of the few traditional villages of Rhodes. During Rhodes holidays at Afandou village, you can find all the Rhodes cultural elements. The place provides you Greek hospitality during your vacations.
In the village of Afandou, there are modern apartments, hotels and studios where one can book a stay. In this traditional village, you can also find and discover many historical traditions in practice.

Great Food:

The best and true Greek cuisine is found here. Cooking has always been a very important part of Greek culture and because of the strong cultural values in the village; you can find some great food at its different bars, cafes, restaurants and taverns etc.

Relaxing Atmosphere:

Afandou village is best for you if you want a quite resort to stay during Rhodes Holidays. As compared to its neighbour tourist resort Faliraki, the atmosphere is much more relaxing. At the village square you can spend night and day, enjoy drinks and watch people passing by and still not get bored.


The beach of Afandou is one of the huge and popular beaches of Rhodes. It is about three kilometres long and looks beautiful because of its sparkling sands and crystal clear water. There are also some caves and rocks at the end of the shores.

Church of Our Lady:

In Afandou village, the Church Of Our Lady is a must visit place. Beautiful paintings from 17th Century are placed in the church. In summers traditional carnival and folklore exhibitions are organized here.


Throughout your Rhodes holidays, you can decide to take part in a number of activities in Afandou village. You can get pleasure from the water sports at the Afandou seashore. Golf fans will discover the place immense for playing golf. The matchless 18 holes golf court of Rhodes is situated at this point. Cycling and walking all the way through the countryside is a popular activity.