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Looking forward to that perfect getaway? Below are hellorelaxation reviews of some of the best places to spend your vacation. Hellorelaxation reviews of the following places that you need not get out of the country. Want to spend your time at the beach? Stroll around popular amusement parks? Hellorelaxation review got some of the popular spots covered for you.
Beverly Hills & Hollywood

– The famous Rodeo Drive, the Studios, museums, the shops and exclusive boutiques! This place makes strolling and people-watching seem like a very enjoyable activity. Beverly Hills has long been known as a place of affluence and glamour. It is home to many famous Hollywood celebrities, corporate executives and other wealthy and influential individuals and families. Who doesn’t know Beverly Hills 90210? – That popular ’90’s show about rich kids and their lives in this famous city.

Located in the western part of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills boasts of many sites and attractions that can lure anyone, from the affluent society to the typical tourist looking for an exciting getaway. There are tons of things to do and to discover. And who know who you might bump into! This city has been featured in countless movies and sited in many songs. Who could forget Julia Robert’s shopping spree in Rodeo Drive in the film Pretty Woman? So pack up your bags and let’s take a trip to this wonderful city of glitz and glamour, welcome to Beverly Hills!

Rodeo Drive
Welcome to Rodeo Drive. Located between Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire Blvd, it is a famous three block stretch of the best shops and boutiques Los Angeles can offer. Cited as one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world, Rodeo Dr. is a haven for tourists. Don’t worry; you can still enjoy Rodeo Drive without making a hole in your pocket. You will enjoy just taking in the sites, window-shopping and watching people, or observing some gawking tourists. And as I have said, you might bump into Hollywood’s biggest names doing their shopping in Rodeo Drive! Many stars shop on this street and also to enjoy the many boutiques and restaurants in the area. Hellorelaxation review says taking a stroll down the street will take you past designer clothing shops like Gucci, Coco Chanel, Armani, Jewelers Cartier and other exclusive shops and couturiers where you will need an appointment just to get in the door! Bijan, at 420 Rodeo Drive, is actually the single most expensive shop in the world. Appointments have to be made to shop there and items range from a $50 pair of socks to $50,000 suits. You can also check out Two Rodeo Center, a romantic version of an old European venue.
If you happen to be in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive is must-see place to be.

Greystone Mansion
Another landmark worth checking out is the Greystone Mansion. Greystone is the largest mansion to be built in this city as compared to other mansions which are scattered throughout the city. Having been used in dozens of Hollywood films, X-men, Spiderman, Ghostbusters, to name a few, this sprawling mansion just serves to vamp up the feel of glamor that Beverly Hills is known for.

Other things worth checking out
Beverly Hills still has a lot to offer and it’s all up to you to discover them. Mary of hellorelaxation suggests you can go historical and visit the famous museums and other historical landmarks in the area. You can also check out individual bars and countless sites and attractions. There’s Melrose Avenue, alsoa shopping district but also great for simple strolling, fine dining, and people- watching. People watching can be very interesting when you’re in such a wonderful place such as these. You can go to Paley Center for the Media, formerly known as the Museum of Television and Radio. It holds more than 140,000 programs collected during 100 years of television and radio. You can check out their collection in the library or watch daily screenings in the auditorium. These and more , so what are you waiting for!
Having said that, Beverly Hills, as famous and glamorous as it sounds, is not only for the well-moneyed tourists but also for everyone people-watching, strolling, just taking in the sights are just some of the activities you dont to spend money on. Enjoy the place, take in the glamour, have fun!

Where to stay?
Now, you may worry where will you stay during your visit? Just because you are in an area known for affluence doesn’t mean you have to be affluent to be able to stay here too. There are many companies that offer very affordable vacation rental homes. Reasonably priced and located within walking! No fuss, no worries, as explained in my previous hubs, there are a lot of things you can benefit from staying in a vacation rental home instead of those stuffy hotels. You can book ahead of time so you can be sure to find an available home for your stay. Hellorelaxation offers homes that are located in a safe neighborhood, parking included, so you don’t have to fret – comes with amenities that will make you feel at home even away from home. You may even bring your pet! So worry no more, plan that wonderful Beverly Hills experience and say hello to fun! fun! fun!

These are just two of the places worth checking out. Hellorelaxation Reviews will be back for more of your favorite places to visit.